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Kine Artefacts shall go to the ball! Or rather, go to the archive film festivals! On Friday the blog will be reporting from the British Silent Film Festival (and lobbying for its return to Nottingham next year), and the weekend after I’ll reporting from (nearly) all of Bradford International Film Festival’s Widescreen Weekend!

In other blog-related news, my web designer/therapist and I have been working on a new improved blog, including custom design with a couple of fancy widgets in the works. Hopefully I’ll be able to wangle in some Southern Television resources to help other TV historians… Of course, I’m still developing a schedule for actually updating this darn thing regularly, so progress may be slow!

But that’s enough of me. Here are some archive film and TV tidbits from across the netosphere that caught my eye this past fortnight:

LA Weekly > Movie Studios are Forcing Hollywood to Abandon 35mm Film, but the Consequences are Vast, and Troubling >> Dur, dur, duuuuuurrrr!

LUX > David Hall’s End Piece >> What with moving image archivists focusing so much on the death of analogue cinema, one forgets that broadcasting is in a similar transition. David Hall’s television sets are timed to tune out alongside Crystal Palace’s analogue signal. I’ll be there for the white-noise-afterparty this weekend.

TV Techonolgy > Archiving, Preservation Moves into 21st Century >> Piece on how the broadcasting industry is attempting to address keeping TV artefacts in digital forms; see Joshua Ranger’s answer to the article here.

New Empress Magazine > The Ritz Cinema, Thirsk: A Photo Tour >> Happy 100th birthday to The Ritz – cinemas are artefacts, too, y’know!

Movie Morlocks: 10 of the World’s Most Unique Movie Theaters >> Glad to boast that I went to Futurescope in 1995! I think I still have the promotional VHS somewhere…

The Baltimore Sun > Gloves or no gloves? The archivist’s dilemma >> Also applicable to moving image artefacts, the goves/no gloves question crops up with surprising frequency (and documentary makers always ask archivists to don gloves!).

Silent London > The Silent London Podcast >> Woah! This blog’s talking like it’s 1927!

Moving Image Archive News > More Interviews with Moving Image Archivists >> MIAN has a brilliant collection of interviews, so you can meet the archivists behind the artefacts.


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