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This weekend I’m away at Bradford International Film Festival’s Widescreen Weekend, so here are just a few links queued up on Google Reader for my return.

Society of American Archivists > Preservation Week 2012 >> Gah! I’m a terrible film-archivist-blogger, for I haven’t even MENTIONED that it is Preservation Week over the pond! Apologies, though ’twas not my fault! I was in fact in Belfast securing my visa to travel to the States this summer to work at a friggin’ preservation research instituteoh the irony!

Flickr > Cinemas >> Beautiful and ghostly photographs by Adam Slater of Britain’s abandoned cinema and theatre auditoriums.

New York Public Library > John Cage Unbound: A Living Archive >> ‘The Living Archive is an online record of John Cage’s work and its evolving impact on music and performance. Browse the full archive of work below […], contribute your own video showing how you interpret Cage’s music.’

Barbara Flueckiger > Timeline of Historical Film Colour >> Fabulous, comprehensive new resource for film colour nerds; my favourites are Kodacolor and Dufaycolor, what’s yours?!

indiegogo > Database for Historical Color Processes >> Crowdsourced funding campaign for Barbara Flueckiger’s resource, above: ‘More than ever we need access to solid knowledge about historical film color processes in order to save our beautiful filmic heritage.’

The Washington Post > Library of Congress’s collection preserves history of American culture >> Ever wondered what goes on at the LoC outlet in Culpepper?

Ferdy on Films > Countdown to Blast-Off: Sign Up to Blog for Film Preservation >> Sign-up here to take part in the Hitchcocky For the Love of Film (Preservation) blogathon!

BBC Press Office > Chronicle: BBC Northern Ireland’s television news from the 1960s and 1970s >> ‘In partnership, the BBC, JISC and the British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC), today announce the launch of Chronicle, a project to make BBC Northern Ireland’s television news from the 1960s and 1970s available to the academic community online.’ Good stuff!

The Bioscope > Broken Dreams >> Luke McKernan is as eloquent as ever, discussing the peculiar joy of researching film in old periodicals (in particular, the London Gazette)

Phew, that’s a lot of news. Hope you are all having fun this weekend, celebrating Preservation Week…

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