Kine Weekly: continuity of film and digital, Nolan and 70mm, TV shows of the midcentury etc.


I’ve let this column mothball for a bit, because I’ve been using Pinboard as well as social media to share links. However, I’ve found that setting aside the time to compile a regular links column prompts me to actually read and absorb the things that I share online. So, I’ve decided to start it up again.

So, here we go, here’s a big ol’ bumper list of things I’ve been reading related to moving image history, heritage and archiving.

Bay Area Coalition (BAVC) > ‘BAVC Releases Version 0.5 Of QCTools‘ >> FAO. archivists working with born-digital or digitised video.

Flavorwire > ‘”The Simpsons,” “The Wire,” and Why You Should Care About Cropped TV Shows‘ >> The tendency to stretch or crop a moving image is an obnoxious habit or current distributors and exhibitors.

AMIA Education Committee > ‘Welcome to the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) Education Committee‘ >> A new resource for students and trainee moving image archivists.

Silent London > ‘Cocktails and canapés with the stars of the silent screen‘ >> One of my supervisors, Nathalie Morris, has managed to fuse the two passions in her life – film history and cocktails – because she’s cool like that.

British Library Sound and Vision Blog > ‘Listening to the radio‘ >> Really hoping to make The Dark Tower next month.

Transdiffusion > ‘Schedules‘ >> I’ve been enjoying Transdiffusion’s ‘Tonight’s TV…’ column, which details and comments on old TV listings. For example: ‘Tonight’s Southern TV… in 1968’.

Transdiffusion > ‘Pride of a Peacock’ >> More midcentury TV goodness, happy birthday once again to BBC 2!

NPR Monkey See > ‘Gilligan’s Island At 50: A Goofy Show From A Time Of TV Innocence’ >> Happy birthday to Gilligan’s Island, a show I really ought to watch.

cinema scope > ‘Quest for Happiness: A Conversation with Peter von Bagh’ >> I was sad to hear of the death of Peter von Bagh, not long after I returned from Il Cinema Ritrovato, the festival of rediscovered and restored cinema that von Bagh was Artistic Director of.

Kickstarter > ‘LONDON SYMPHONY‘ >> Just two weeks left and nearly £3000 to go, so please spare what you can to get this new City Symphony for London in production.

Observations on film art > ‘An auteur, three archives, and the archivist as auteur‘ >> David Bordwell recommends some books; 75000 Films is now on my bedstand.

Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd film locations (and more) > ‘How Buster Keaton Filmed The General’ >> A fun resource for all the historical location scouts out there.

George Eastman House > ‘George Eastman House receives digital laboratory from Eastman Kodak Company’ >> Good news as Eastman House expands its digital preservation capability, also meaning that its training of future film archivists will also expand and diversify.

Hollywood Reporter > ‘How Christopher Nolan’s Crusade to Save Film Is Working’ >> Sadly I think that the BFI IMAX in London will soon be no longer equipped to show its old proprietary 70mm format, so we Brits may be forced to see Interstellar in some other format.

Yahoo! Movies > ‘What’s Behind the Struggle to Save Film Stock?’ >> More on the auteurs who support celluloid.

Hollywood Theatre > ’The Hollywood Theatre is Going 70mm!’ >> Lovely.

Kickstarter > ‘100 More Years of Analog Film by FILM Ferrania’ >> If you like reversal film, and use it in your still photography or small gauge filmmaking, then you may want to consider donating to this kickstarter.

Extension 765 > ‘Raiders’ >> Fascinating experiment that takes away the sound and colour of the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark to enable analysis of its ‘staging’.

The National Archives > ‘Building the future and preserving the past’ >> Linked because I think ‘continuity’ is an important part of archival access technologies and preservation practices that has yet to be fully unpacked.

American Archive of Public Broadcasting > ‘Opening Data Is Not Like Opening a Door’ >> Another perspective on the tricky task of wrangling archival records and metadata with a view to access.

The Onion > ‘Community Loses Interest 3 Days After Rallying To Save Local Theater’ >> Made me giggle.

The Guardian > ‘End of an era as BBC hands over Television Centre to developers’ >> Prompting the saddest photo ever, taken by Elliot Felton for The Evening Standard.

The Guardian > ‘”Holy grail” of Sherlock Holmes films discovered at Cinémathèque Française’ >> Ending on a high note with a lovely find.


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