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They are mainly stemless, evergreen, epiphytic perennials native to Florida, the West Indies, southern Mexico, Central America, and northern and western South America. Guzmania lingulata may be grown in two ways in nature.

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Drainage must be good at all stages of the plant's life.

Guzmania lingulata. The flowerhead is globular with up to 50 flowers with white petals nestling in a bed of large red to pink bracts. Once the plant has flowered, it will begin to produce offsets called pups, which you can use to grow more plants. Passion, and many others.

Guzmania lingulata, the droophead tufted airplant or scarlet star, is a species of flowering plant in the family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Tillandsioideae, native to rainforest habitats in Central America, northern and central South America, southern Mexico and the West Indies. The red varieties, among the most popular, include G. Inside, however, the plant requires a mixture of one part soil to one part pumice or bark to thrive.

Living among the branches of the south American rainforests bromeliads Guzmania lingulata cardinalis is a little larger than the species plant and has bracts of an even stronger red. The flowers often last 2.

Like the other bromeliads, Guzmanias prefer and are happiest in bright, natural light.An east or west exposure would be best but just be sure they avoid exposure to any direct, hot sun because they’ll burn. Hojas largas y rígidas, de márgenes lisos, que simulan una roseta. D'une croissance lente, il mesure de 50 à 70 centimètres de haut.

Vista de la planta. Guzmania lingulata minor is growing less than 30cm (12 inch) tall and has leaves only about 10cm (4 inch) long and a cup-shaped flower head on a short, stumpy stem carrying variably coloured bracts. Modern varieties of Guzmania lingulata (also known as Scarlet Star) are smaller than older strains.

Guzmania lingulata is one of the most popular species of Guzmania. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. They are found at altitudes of up to 3,500 m (11,483 ft) in the Andean rainforests.

Svako ko voli bromelije bi trebalo da ima bar nekoliko različitih guzmanija u svojoj kolekciji cveća. It is an evergreen epiphytic perennial. Planta acaulescente, que alcanza los 16–29 cm de alto en flor..

Guzmania lingulata Scarlet Star, A very showy OTT bromeliad with a large star shaped 'flowerhead'. Guzmania Plant Care Tips Light. This article provides information on the specific growing guidelines for Guzmania lingulata and hybrid bromeliads.

This plant may be fertilized with a balanced fertilizer mix. La floraison apparaît généralement au printemps ou… Scarlet Star is one of the most popular bromeliad house plants.

Guzmanias – and Guzmania lingulata in particular – are popular bromeliads to grow indoors because they are easy-care and provide striking flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, plum, white and even multicolors. Guzmania lingulata je česta i lako ćete je naći ako želite da je kupite. Guzmanias (Guzmania spp.) are bromeliads belonging in the Bromeliaceae family with more than 120 different species, though you’ll probably only locate several of the more popular types at your local nursery.With proper care, these tropical beauties are hardy and easy to grow houseplants that add a colorful accent to indoor spaces.

Guzmania lingulata NC State University and N.C. The Guzmania lingulata (also called scarlet star) is easy to grow ornamental indoor house plant that can also be grown outdoors as well. Although there are several varieties of guzmania in cultivation, by far the most popular in the trade is the G.

Guzmania (tufted airplant) is a genus of over 120 species of flowering plants in the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Tillandsioideae. Amérique centrale, Amérique du sud – Le Guzmania est une plante vivace épiphyte au port en rosette et au feuillage persistant. The leaves of the Scarlet Star are long, deep green and leathery.

Guzmania lingulata is a epiphytic bromeliad variety, which means it gets little nourishment and water through its roots. The flower spikes are made of bracts that are generally vibrant shades of orange and red. Don’t use regular potting soil;

I druge podvrste guzmanije su relativno lake za uzgoj i možete ih naći u različitim oblicima i veličinama. Guzmania lingulata Mez, llamada flor del incienso [2] en México, es una especie de planta perteneciente a la familia de las bromeliáceas dentro de la subfamilia Tillandsioideae. Hybridists have worked with these plants extensively, producing an amazing array of flower bract colors.

The scarlet star has long, flat, glossy green leaves with smooth margins. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. It drains too slowly.

Here’s a quick summary of their care with more details. The Latin word lingulata means "tongue-shaped". The flower stem is usually shorter than the leaves.

Mature plants reach a size of 10 in/25 cm tall, with a width of 12 in/30 cm wide. The green leaves, sometimes with dark crossbands, form a funnel-shaped rosette. Detalle de la planta Descripción.

Bromeliad Plant Growing Specifications – Guzmania Lingulata And Hybrids.

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