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They grow 15 to 30 cm (6 to 12 inches) in height and produce large, tubular or bell-shaped flowers surrounded by attractive The plant usually blooms for the first time about four to 10 weeks after planting.

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Sowing is preferred for June flowers.

Sonata gloxinia. We are not normally able to accept orders for bulbs. Gloxinia Tubers – Mix. TP – Tender perennial.

This article describes its history, care requirements, and needs. Annual 10 – 12 in/25 – 31 cm Approx. Gloxinia (sinningia speciosa), an herbaceous plant valued for its large ornamental flowers and attractive foliage, is capable of blooming any time of year.

Une fois qu’il n’y a plus de feuilles, mettez votre gloxinia dans un lieu frais, ombragé et plutôt sec.. The larger, and showier bloomed, S. Sow May 30th for Xmas plants.

Get information on how to grow Gloxinia flowering houseplant in the following article so you can enjoy the vibrant. 800,000 seeds per oz/28 g. Gloxinia, (Sinningia speciosa), perennial flowering plant of the family Gesneriaceae.

Originally from the forests of Brazil, Gloxinias, or florist gloxinias (Sinningia speciosa), are extremely popular summer flowering house plants. Die Gloxinie ist eine sehr beliebte Zimmerpflanze – kein Wunder, bei der Blütenpracht. Gloxinia flower care is not too difficult.

Flowers and foliage The large, ruffled Gloxinie a její pěstování. Gloxinia flower care is not too difficult.

La température idéal au repos se situe autour de 13 à 15°. Decorum plant, purple Brazilian Gloxinia Sonata (Sinningia speciosa) Close up of Gloxinia Sinningia speciosa flowers in the foreground and dark green leaves. Il offre de belles fleurs estivales, solitaires ou en bouquets, une longue floraison et une gamme de coloris étonnants.

Zon, daar kan de gloxinia niet tegen, bladverbranding zal het gevolg zijn. Du latin Sinningia speciosa ou Gloxinia speciosa, cette plante est originaire des forêts tropicales d’Amérique centrale et du … Gloxinia is a genus of three species of tropical rhizomatous herbs in the flowering plant family Gesneriaceae.

Als de scheuten wat groter worden, zo'n centimeter of 6 tot 8 dan wel uit de zon houden. A lovely blend, producing large, trumpet-like blooms in shades of scarlet, white and violet, many attractively bicoloured. Aus botanischer Sicht handelt es sich bei den Gloxinien, die hierzulande im Handel erhältlich sind, um Hybriden, die aus Kreuzungen aus Sinningia speciosa mit vielen weiteren Arten wie Sinningia villosa oder Sinningia helleri entstanden sind.

Speciosa hybrids are most familiar, but sizes and colors vary widely–from the very small (less than 1″) to the very large. Get information on how to grow Gloxinia flowering houseplant in the following article so you can enjoy the vibrant blossoms in your home. The illustrations show how and when to divide tubers, grow from seed and re-pot.

Gloxinia, tegenwoordig beter bekend als de Sinningia specioa, is een vrolijke, decoratieve plant voor in huis. Gloxinia may be seeded several different times throughout the season. Gloxinie je krásná pokojová, ale i balkónová květina původem z Brazílie.

Deze bloeiende kamerplant is verkrijgbaar in mooie kleuren en is eenvoudig in onderhoud. *** Native habitat Native to Central and South America. Light and position in the home Your Gloxinia fares best in bright, indirect light.

Je kunt zeker van juni tot augustus genieten van de opvallende bloemen. Gloxinia aka Sinningia Sonata is our Luxury Indoor plant for September 2019. Ideal for growing in 12cm (5") pots for houseplants.

Gloxinia produces flowers in shades of white, orange, pink, blue, red and. Même s’il n’est pas la plante d’intérieur la plus facile à cultiver, le Gloxinia présente bien des atouts. They are available as double and single flowers and create great centerpieces for tables or sill plants for that somewhat shady sill.

The species are primarily found in the Andes of South America but Gloxinia perennis is also found in Central America and the West Indies, where it has probably escaped from cultivation. The various gloxinia hybrids are a "bang for your buck" kind of plant. Gloxinia is a popular indoor plant.

Here are some tips for how to best care for this blooming beauty. All require generally the same care as Gloxinias are native to Brazil and are now widely cultivated as garden and house plants.

Blooming gloxinia (sinningia speciosa) red with white edging on white background. A la fin de l’hiver, rempotez le tubercule dans un nouveau terreau et reprenez l’arrosage. Flori mari catifelate sub formă de clopoțel și frunze mari pufoase, aceasta este scurta descriere a plantei de gloxinia.

The Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) is a popular indoor plant. Une fois les fleurs fanées, il faut réduire l’arrosage jusqu’à ce que les feuilles soient totalement fanées et tombées. These plants feature large, velvety leaves somewhat reminiscent of African violets with giant, bell-shaped flowers in a range of bright colors.

Gloxinie má květy velké, zvonkovitého tvaru a nejrůznějších barevných variacích.

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Gloxinia (Sinningia) 'Avanti' House Plants Pinterest

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